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Under the carapace with Richard Goodwin, CHRISTOPHER ALLEN

Read the original article here. Written by CHRISTOPHER ALLEN     NATURE provides the human mind with metaphors to give shape to our own physical and psychological experience; from the tree alone, for example, we derive ideas of growth, of diversification and of decline; the difference between roots, trunk, branches and leaves, meanwhile, is readily perceived…

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Seven Fables for the Drone Age, Anna Johnson

Below is an essay by Anna Johnson, written for the Australian Galleries exhibition “Drone Dorje + The Drone Stripped Bare of all its Brides”. SEVEN FABLES FOR THE DRONE AGE   BREATHING UNDER GLASS The cracks that lace the glass casing of Marcel Duchamp’s “The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors (Even)” provided the final…

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Refiguring Dystopia: Richard Goodwin 1991-2012

Refiguring Dystopia, the survey exhibition curated by Gavin Wilson which traces Richard Goodwin’s career as a sculptor and architect from 1991, open’s on the 6th of February and runs till the 22nd of March at Galleries UNSW, COFA Campus, Cnr Oxford Street & Greens Road, Paddington.

Performance to Porosity Cover

Performance to Porosity Book

We have taken control of the stock for the book; “Richard Goodwin: Performance to Porosity” Craftsman House, 2006 ISBN: 0975768425 so it is now available from the online store at our website – or directly at this link so go, have a look around, perhaps even order a copy, and we’ll send it off…


Denatured Contingency: The New Engine of Sustainability

Professor Richard Goodwin  Director: The Porosity Studio UNSW COFA Visiting Professor Donghua University Shanghai   When Ives Klein performed “The Leap into the Void” in 1967, from a brick wall adjacent to the street, he rendered the architecture impotent in relation to the act. In other words, architecture, although deemed solid and eternally strong…