Back in April this year Richard Goodwin won the 2011 Wynne Prize with his sculpture Co-isolated slave. The Wynne Prize is one of Australia’s longest running art prizes, it is awarded to the best landscape painting of Australian scenery or figure sculpture art.


Through imagination, investigation and invasion Richard Goodwin’s new book “The Architecture of Invagination” presents ideas to radically transform and blur the boundaries between public and private spaces. It is understood that only through continuous change can we offer sustainable alternatives to bring about a more ‘breathable’ city. The book is available through the RMIT¬† University Press.



Another new Mystic Alien Film is up at Porosity TV:
Mystic Alien: Barangaroo Wand, done for; Issue 3: “Your mouth is a like a gun loaded with the future”
exhibition as part of the Prague Quadrennial.

A new Film is up on Porosity TV: Mystic Alien: Dioxin Blues.
Part of the ‘Buffer Zone’ Exhibition at the Sydney Olympic Park Armory Gallery

Some Images from Richard Goodwin’s Show “Between A Slum and A Hard Place” at Australian Galleries last November/December, photos by Anthony Browell

A new video is up on Porosity TV; A film from 1980 by Peter Dallow, John Drews & Richard Goodwin called, ‘The Inhabitant’.

Other Porosity TV films can be found here; Porosity TV