Here is the link to a video from the recent exhibition “Running the |City” at COFA, which was part of the 2013 ISEA conference.

Here are some images of the Mystic Alien as part of the MCA ARTBAR – Curated by Emma Price – “Art is for Lovers” – 22nd of February 2013

Mystic Alien - MCA Art Bar 01


Mystic Alien - MCA Art Bar 02

Mystic Alien - MCA Art Bar 03

Mystic Alien - MCA Art Bar 04

Mystic Alien - MCA Art Bar 05

Mystic Alien - MCA Art Bar 06

Mystic Alien - MCA Art Bar 07

Warning: Films being projected in these photos contain the images of people who are now deceased. Seeing the image of a community member who has passed away may distress some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.



FORMATIONS : New Practices in Australian Architecture
Richard Goodwin Pty Ltd works across the disciplines of art, academia and architecture. The practice situates its work at three scales: the gallery (laboratory), architecture and public space, and the city. With a core staff of five architects, Richard Goodwin works with a network of other companies on larger projects.
Richard Goodwin is unique in its commitment to having an art practice and working studio as its nucleus, generating problems to solve rather than waiting for project briefs to be brought to it. The porosity research project, for example, explores the question between public and private space in the city across practice, political and social spectra. Central to this information is a commitment both to generate public space and to the idea that architecture is above all else an art from.
The agency of Richard Goodwin Pty Ltd lies with its capacity to maintain a nimble practice located within larger institutional formations, and motivating them to exhibit internationally through galleries, to create architectures of parasitic attachment, and to generate public space by transforming urban infrastructure.
In Formations, Goodwin proposes one such system of public space generation via a journey through Venice in a water taxi, on foot and completed by a flying fox leap over the canal back to the Australian pavilion. This performance reveals the potential for increased porosity between the public and private domains in Venice, which Goodwin suggests will energise the evolution of the city when compared to the current separation of public (tourist) invasion and hidden (private) occupation.
This revelation can then be built upon in later work, which explores site specific potentials for increasing this porosity, which suggest a transformation of the spatial logic of the city.

Taxi Dermis 03 : Zip line & the Australian Pavilion

TaxiDermis 03 : Placing the Dots on the Decaying Fabric of Venice

TaxiDermis 03 : Placing the Dots on the Decaying Fabric of Venice

TaxiDermis 03 : Details of Model

We are part of the Australian Pavilion at this years Venice Biennale of Architecture.

As part of the Australian Exhibition – Formations – Richard Goodwin Art + Architecture will be doing an installation & performance piece which includes converting a Venice Taxi into a Porosity Research Boat, a new jetty for the Pavilion, and a new Tower & Zip-Line entrance, across the canal into the Pavilions skylight.

For more information on the performance concept and background see this post: Formations: New Practices in Australian Architecture for the Venice Biennale 2012

The Biennale runs from the 29th of August till the 25th of November (with the preview on the 27th & 28th of August), for more information on this years Biennale, see these links:

Architecture Biennale – La Biennale di Venezia  &  Venice Architecture Biennale – Australian Institute of Architects and a preview here.

Hope to see you all over there, in the mean time here is an image.

Venice Biennale 2012



Richard Goodwin Pty Ltd is one of the six practices chosen nation-wide that will demonstrate to the world a particularly Australian mode of innovation and invention in the Australian pavilion at the Biennale.

The Australian Pavilion will be transformed into a “soft landscape of connections and possibilities”, featuring a series of installations or ‘formations’ responding to the light-filled, sculpted pavilion interior. Each installation will be designed as “spaces of real world innovation”.

Focusing on actual projects and their impact, the pavilion will be a “space of engagement” in which viewers can interact and “participate in architectural conversation at close quarters”. Complementing this, will be a series of “flash formations” – free informal and intimate public events around Venice, “allowing viewers to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most innovative architectural practices, commentators and their work”.

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Taxi-Dermis II is a project by Richard Goodwin in response to Formations. 

The concept draws on previous public space interventions, which involved umbilical connections between private/gallery space and public space including: Documenta 10 Kassel 1997 – “Parasite Car” and Working in Public, Sydney 1995, Art Gallery connection with 300m rope to Finger Wharf on Sydney Harbour, “Exoskeleton Rope”).

The performance describes the central Formation of the practice of RG P/L. It reaches into Venice for ideas about Porosity Research. It also continues Porosity Real-Time research with its city mapping in Gaming Engines. As such it will be useful to accompany this central performance with a history of research and art performances relating to the city of Sydney between 2003 and 2011.


This book changes our view of cities as collections of individual buildings. By prejudicing public space and finding previously undefined public spaces within them, “Chiastic Space”, it presents ideas for a radically transformed western city. By studying, defining and indexing these spaces, Sydney-based artist and architect Richard Goodwin has found “what a building desires” to do next in its determination to facilitate new technologies, new building-to-building connections and demands on its program.

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