Sydney 2001

‘Taxi-dermis’ is a measure of architecture today via sculpture and installation. While its problems as a social construction remain unsolved, the architecture of the city remains unsolved


Galleries UNSW, COFA, Paddington, Sydney & Bathurst Regional Art Gallery


stainless steel, timber, sailcloth
460cm x 150cm x 170cm
Annandale Galleries, Sydney


‘In Poroplastic, Goodwin returns directly to the fabric of the original vehicle but has completely taken it apart. The individual pieces of the plastic model kit have now appeared at full scale, but rather than re-assembled into new works they are been left in their original state and ‘explode’ into a new arrangement. The immediate effect of this less mannered approach invests in the various fragments the potential to collapse back into its original assembly at any moment. Subsequently, the works have an uncanny quality, and a different form of beauty from that which Goodwin has explored previously. Arranged here without the flesh component (cloth), Poroplastic is stripped of the underlying narrative which so consistently links his previous works. The narrative is now subsumed by Goodwin’s strongest not yet to the power of automatism, an approach which drove the arrangement.’

Gerrard Reinmuth from Catalogue essay.


Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney
steel, clothing, timber
300cm x 150cm x 200cm